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Monday Mayhem – My voice creates my freedom

Every single time I use my voice I feel freedom.


Today, I want to encourage you to think of all the ways you can use your voice to expand the feeling of freedom.

Here are some of the ways that I have used my voice to expand my feeling of freedom. Give them a listen or a read!

This is one of my most favorite videos from my work at Planned Parenthood. I love the blooper at the end! City Weekly, January 15, 2010, The 5 things you should not do as a citizen lobbyist.

I love this interview about my public speaking and using your voice! Check it out!

A while ago I made this Manifesto of Truth video. It was a creative way for me to expose my truths to so many people.

This is one of my first blog posts from 2013. It was raw and so vulnerable. Was it perfect? No, but perfection will kill action. Read it right here!

What feels like freedom to you? Let me know over on my Facebook page!

Cause some mayhem, raise some hell. xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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