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Monday Mayhem – Breaking the glass ceiling and spilling tea

Last week I posted this article about tea on my Facebook page. According to the article for the English, “poor women drinking tea, might threaten the wholesome diet of British peasants, overturn hierarchies and be at the root of a secret revolutionary society.” For the Irish, “Tea was a waste of time and money, luring working girls away from their never ending husband and home-tending duties.”

This past weekend as I was sitting at a table with 18 glorious women drinking my tea I spilled it all over me, all over the table, all over my notebook and phone. I mean I spilled my tea EVERYWHERE. Superstition says that when water flows like my tea did money is coming. I am thinking since I was planning the Bird Girl Revolution right at that moment that I am about to STAND AND DELIVER!


Just a few short hours after the tea spilling incident, I was at a lovely restaurant getting ready to sit down to lunch when I shattered a glass all over the table. I barely knocked it and BAM, glass EVERYWHERE!!!


The metaphors here write themselves:

I am shattering the glass ceiling in 2019. I am creating revolution in 2019. I am admitting that I desire calling together thousands of women to engage in delicious acts of rebellion in 2019. I am calling in wealth and power in 2019. I am dismantling the patriarchy in 2019.


If you are just done with the fucking shit. If you are craving a change in your job, family, or community. If you are thinking the political climate is whacked and you want to change it. If you want to tap into your passion, find your voice, and change your world then join me for the revolution and sign up for your free consult for 1:1 coaching today!

It’s Monday, raise some hell y’all. Love, Dr. Melissa Bird


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