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Monday Mayhem – 3 things you can do to stop catastrophizing what is happening in America

It would be easy to become entirely overwhelmed from the moment we wake up. Just this past weekend I was grateful I meditated before I checked my Twitter Feed.

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White boys torturing Native American Elders put my panties into  bunch there is no question (read more about it here). I could hardly formulate a sentence.

Action paralysis is real. How we react to it is the kicker.

We talk inside our heads until we can’t breathe. We spin out all sorts of scenarios that are built on assumptions that make an ass out of you and me. We create idea after idea that becomes even more elaborate fiction with each passing moment.


Here are 3 things you can do to pull out of the spiral of catastrophe:

  1. Stop being angry at yourself. Beating yourself up just creates a shame spiral that doesn’t help you or the world.

  2. Breathe. I know I keep saying this but really it is true. Put your feet on the floor, sit down, feel your bum in the chair, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this twice then move on with your day.

  3. Take action. I don’t care what you do, just do something. We become more confidant every time we look fear in the face and just DO SOMETHING. This happens to me every day and every time I do something I feel better.

This weekend I could have stayed frozen in my sadness about what is happening in our country. Instead, I breathed, showered, put together a call to action, posted about the joys of being a life coach, and then thought of all the ways I can make my financial goals before the end of the month.

I love each and every one of you. Please breathe through these moments of overwhelm and know that if you listen to your instinct, instead of your head, life will be a much more joyful experience.

If you want to find your voice. If you want to raise some hell. If you want to start your own graceful revolution. Check out my online training program Fanning the Flames.

Cause some mayhem, raise some hell! Love, Dr. Melissa Bird


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