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Just for Today

I have about 3 thousand million ideas flowing through my head regularly. These ideas get written down and some of them grow into full blown idea babies, some never really get fertilized. I was talking to a client this week who was feeling all this shame about scrolling through TikTok instead of creating her art. I reminded her that sometimes we have to do things to shut down our brains, especially if we are constantly flooding new ideas into it.

Just for today, give yourself a break. Just for today, place a hold on criticizing yourself. Just for today, speak kindly to yourself. Just for today, hold yourself in love and compassion.

If you start right now, you might find your inspiration for creating. When that creation returns, prepare to ask yourself these three questions:

🌟 What is keeping you from pressing go? Is it your intuition that now isn’t that time OR is it your fear holding you back? 🌟 What am I actually trying to do? When we are here with purpose, on purpose, this question can get us closer to living our divine assignment. 🌟 What makes me feel wildly uncomfortable? When we embrace discomfort it gets us closer to metamorphosis. When we allow ourselves to transform, it gets us closer to inspiration. My friends, these ideas that you have aren’t a coincidence. You have them on purpose. Embrace them and then do what you have to do to shut down your brain. There is a big difference between avoidance and chilling out. You know when you are avoiding out of fear. Move forward towards your transfiguration.

Inspiration awaits. Xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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