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Is Social Media Really Despicable?

This week I have been having conversations that prompted me to think about social media and the way we use it in our lives.

Is social media really so bad?

I mean let's be real, I have met some of the greatest human beings on earth because of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

Some of my best friends on earth I have met because of social media. ❤️

Here is my theory...this subtle narrative has come about at just about the same time that women, BIPOC folks, LGBT folks, people with disabilities have leveraged the power of social media to connect, empower, and build wealth.

What if we stopped hating social media and allowed ourselves to believe in the magic that comes from the divine relationships that we are developing?

What if we allowed ourselves to take the necessary breaks from the screen, while simultaneously honoring interrelatedness with others?

What if we fell into the idea that while some parts of the online world are bad, isn't that true about so many things?

Here are some more thoughts I'd love to share with you!

This week I invite you to look for the good, the joy, the creation that has inspired beauty from the collective.


Dr. Melissa Bird


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