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Hunger and Longing

Recently I have noticed a common theme with my clients.

They are craving a deep connection to themselves and their intuition.

This requires a return to self-love and self-compassion. It also requires that we tap into something greater than ourselves. Whether we call it God, Spirit, The Universe, Love - it is bigger than we are.

⭐ When we embrace divine love we never go hungry or thirsty.

⭐ When we nurture our spirit we never go hungry or thirsty.

⭐ When we tap into our cravings and don’t deny why we have them we fall into our divine calling and never go hungry or thirsty.

I have been encouraging my clients to journal on the questions below. To choose the ones that resonate with them and see what flows. Set a timer on your phone for 15 minutes and do the same. See what comes to you.

What does it mean to follow Spirit?

What does it mean to follow God (which is love)?

What does it mean to follow our intuition?

When we welcome the universal love of God and the divine universe into our hearts, we become unstoppable in achieving our goals and dreams.

When we give ourselves permission to muddle around in the mess and release perfection, we become free to expand and grow.

When we recognize that we are more alike than different, our journey here on Mother Earth becomes a great cosmic adventure.

I love you and the gifts you have to bring to the world.


Dr. Melissa Bird


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