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Guest Post – Lillian Romaniello #metoo

When I met Lilly 6 years ago her bravado was so strong that her vulnerability was walled off. Her life was limited by the belief that her cravings could never be satiated. While she dreamed big, she would often surround herself with people who kept her stuck. Lilly took my advice, my love, and my unconditional support to heart. When she posted this on Facebook, it impacted me so deeply that I asked her if I could share it with all of you. May we all be as brave and deeply glorious as Lilly. Cheers, Dr. B

I once asked the man who helped me conceive Rowan why he would post terrible things about riding a woman with handle bars or why he would joke about pushing a girl out of the car when she says she doesn’t swallow.

How could you create a daughter and then talk of women in such ways? There is a man out there that will talk about your daughter the same way. These are our sisters, mothers, aunts, friends.

Our society believes these are acceptable things. Our society thinks it’s ok for Donald Trump to be our president when he spreads these ideas that women are trophies.

I ACTUALLY saw a link to buy a hat that says “Trophy Wife” on it the other day. WHO would actually buy that? A ton of women happily tagged their friends in the post.

I am not a trophy. I am not a prize to be won. My daughter is not a trophy. You are not a trophy. My body is my own.

My photo project changed. I got upset. I got angry. I locked myself away and I thought. I brainstormed. I took all those terrible things that men and women say to women and I put it together. Then I told it to be quiet. #metoo

Lilly Romaniello

Lilly is a photographer in Orange County California. You can see her photography on Instagram @womanintheyellowcoat and @mini_chewbarka


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