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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – The more you tell me to be quiet, the louder I’m going to get.

In the last two weeks I have experienced MULTIPLE instances of people trying to silence my voice.

Silenced by interruption. At the beginning of the month it was a student LITERALLY turning around to talk to other students while I was in the middle of lecturing. LITERALLY hand up to the board mid-sentence…student just starts talking to another student forcing me to be quiet and wait for them to stop talking so I could resume my lecture. As if what I had to say was not relevant or important.


Kinda like this…me…teaching circa 2017

Silenced by friends. A few days ago it was an old friend whom I had messaged asking her to share my Fanning the Flames – SLC, UT event with her friends. Her response was, “I was happy to share it but would love it if you could stop commenting on Utah politics. We all have enough to worry about without making every tidbit public.” Um…I am not sure if you know me…but this just makes me ramp shit up. So here is what is happening in Utah.

Dear Utah, The voters wanted to a full expansion of Medicaid so you just decided to strip away the power of their vote and reverse their decision by enacting more restrictive legislation. I am sure that the poor people of Utah are so grateful for your service.  Isn’t there something in that Book of Mormon that says, “Love thy neighbor” and “Do unto others”? I mean I swear that was what I learned as a kid. Anyhow, my family and friends still live in Utah so no, I will not be quiet. Kisses, Missy

You see, the thing about it is…I am a rebel by nature.

The more you tell me to do something that silences my voice, the more inclined I am to do the opposite. Tell me to stay silent and I get louder. Tell me what I want to do won’t work and I put 100x the effort into it and blow everyone’s mind.

That is what a rebel does…we make a difference by causing all sorts of trouble.

For my entire life I have been told to be good, to demure, to conform and my entire life I have been flipping the bird to all those shenanigans.

If you are tired of being silenced. If you are tired of being told to tone it down. If you are tired of the same old shit then join me on this amazeballs journey.

Here are 2 ways you can do just that: 1. Get your FREE handbook about finding your voice. It will knock your socks off! 2. Buy this AMAZEBALLS online training called Fanning the Flames. It is yours FOREVER once you purchase it!

It’s Friday, fuck some shit up y’all. xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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