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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – Rebel Girls and Tax Bills

Do you ever just wake up in the morning and think holy crap…how did I get here? I do pretty much every day.

I haven’t always been Dr. Melissa Bird, PhD but I have always been a rebel girl

I grew up in small town Utah, wore spandex skirts that were just a centimeter too short, and stood just off school grounds smoking cigarettes in front of my high school daring the Principal to come out and discipline me.

A friend and I wrote the words “fuck you” on the high school lawn using hundreds of plastic forks stuck into the ground the day of graduation. I used to sluff school to go skiing or go smoke cigarettes at a friends house.

On Halloween the day of our state volleyball championship (which I was supposed to be at) I wore black thigh high suede boots, black fishnet tights, a leather mini skirt, and a black velour shirt daring the school to suspend me for “wearing a costume”.

I was an average student who many times barely ever made it out of high school. But I was terrified of disappointing my grandma and so I stayed in school to graduate.

My grandma is the reason I went to college. My grandma is the reason that I got a masters degree. My grandma is the reason that I am a doctor.

Me…the insecure girl with ratted hair and short skirts who regularly “flipped the bird” at authority…I am a doctor.

It is the rebel girl that fuels me.

It is the rebel girl that is here to inform others how to gain knowledge to infiltrate the membranes of government so that we can change the structures of power.

It is the rebel girl who wakes up every morning and commits to doing epic shit. It is the rebel girl that wants you to know about tax bills and social justice.

The United States Congress is intentionally misleading the American people. Why would they do that you ask?

  1. Because the United States Congress was/is mad about having a black man as the President.

  2. Because women shouldn’t do anything but have babies.

  3. Because we don’t do shit to remove them from office when they have BROKEN THE LAW.

There is an act called the Congressional Budget Act that says Congress has to pass a budget. There is an article in the Constitution that gives Congress the “power of the purse” but doesn’t say how (many thanks to Beth from Pantsuit Politics for her GENIUS primer on the Constitution last week).

I am bad with my own personal budget but that doesn’t give Congress the right to be bad with the Nation’s budget. They have a job to do that they are MANDATED to do by the oath they took to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION.

According to Stan Collender’s latest opinion in Forbes magazine,

“This GOP budget will result in a PERMANENT approximately $1 trillion annual federal DEFICIT without anyone even bothering to ask whether that’s right for the U.S. economy. The GOP leadership has killed any chance for a meaningful federal budget debate. Instead, the congressional budget process will be nothing more than a way for the majority to do what it wants on mandatory spending and taxes without having to talk to the other party. The federal budget may never be about fiscal policymaking EVER AGAIN.”

HOLY SHITBALLS…who cares about the fetal personhood definition that gives college funds to zygotes, the removal of tax deductions for veterans and homeowners and students and parents and well basically anyone, the total destruction of healthcare for the elderly and the poor…who cares about any of that shit…that is the red herring, shiny thing meant to distract us from the REAL issue. If this “tax bill” passes THERE WILL NEVER AGAIN BE A FEDERAL BUDGET THAT THE GOVERNMENT OPERATES FROM EVER AGAIN.

But Dr. Melissa Bird, PhD…WHAT can we do? Here are some options:

1. Call your members of congress (both House and Senate) and tell them that you OPPOSE the tax bill in all of its forms. To do that call 202-224-3121 and just input your zip code and you will be directed to your congresspersons office.

2. Get trained to make a change in your community. There are lots of ways you can do that. You can run for office, you can volunteer at a local non-profit, you can give money to your favorite political candidate.

Here is one woman who is fucking shit up by helping others make kick ass change in their communities. She’s impacting the world by coaching those who actively work to make the world a better place. She’s a candidate’s secret weapon and she is helping women take the political world by storm.

Melanie Childers is an Executive Political Coach, activist, yogi, writer, and spiritual badass. She specializes in working with progressive political women considering or running for office by showing them how to get mentally and emotionally ready to run, build confidence, manage stress, and lead a campaign with integrity. This powerful purpose is what drives her to revolutionize lives – so that collectively we can build a more loving, inclusive, progressive society. When not coaching, Melanie can be found perfecting her handstand, reading one of the 10 books on her bedside table, or funding her shoe habit.

You can learn more about working with Melanie by visiting her website at The Enlightened Badass

Melanie is being featured to my 5000 followers today because she became a $10 patron on my Patreon page. Community sourcing ROCKS! Come on over and join the Bird Girl Army for as little as $2 a month. $10 a month gets you regular features to my followers and a special monthly mayhem call from yours truly!

Want to find your voice, bask in imperfection, dig deep into your passion, and get trained to change your community? Check out Marginalized No More an online training you can do from home!

If you are ready to find your voice but don’t know how, send me an email at and let’s chat.

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It is Friday…fuck shit up y’all. Dr. Melissa Bird


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