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Do you have an unstoppable code of conduct for your life or business?

One of the greatest things I did this year was create an unstoppable code of conduct for my business. The reason this was such a game changer for me was that I realized that when I really decide something, there isn’t much that will get in the way. Being 1000% committed to being unstoppable in my business was critical for me expanding the goals I have for Natural Born Rebel.

I am scaling a movement.

I am creating a movement.

I am engaging in continuous momentum.

My unstoppable code of conduct for 2019 was:

Listen to the divine downloads when they come. This was so important because often I would try and ignore them or brush them off. When I listened, my life was much less stressful and I stopped questioning myself so damn much.

Celebrate everything. I mean I celebrated when Jim put the toilet paper roll on. I celebrated when I got a new client. I celebrated when the kids let the dogs out without being asked. I celebrated when I ate a salad everyday for a week.

Focus on meditation and spiritual growth. This meant engaging in a daily practice of prayer, meditation, and writing what I am grateful for. This meant a lot of digging deep into my fears about talking with God. This meant a lot of soul searching and expansion of my thinking.

Take constant intentional action and movement. This meant that every single day I did something that led to the growth of my business. I didn’t take action for the hell of it; I took it because it was inspired and felt good. Intentional action and movement means forward momentum.

As the end of the year is approaching I encourage you to think about what your unstoppable code of conduct will be in 2020. What will you do to propel yourself forward? What boundaries and standards will you set for yourself and your life?

Are you ready to enter the new year with a better sense of balance within? I would LOVE to chat with you about working with me. Get on my schedule and let’s talk today!

I love you,

Dr. Melissa Bird


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